Making gratitude a habit

On Thanksgiving my friends and I sat around a table crowded with glasses of wine. Green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes made with four sticks of butter, our host Maggie’s first homemade turkey (which she nailed!), and sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows filled our plates. We went around the table and said three things we were… Continue reading Making gratitude a habit

A quiet yearning

I sit at my desk on a Tuesday afternoon, and I hear some hip hop music playing faintly in the background. Voices talking, yelling, laughing. On my screen there's a headline that reads "North Korea warns 'more gift packages' are on the way as Donald Trump arms Japan, South Korea." I walk down the street… Continue reading A quiet yearning

Something personal, something cosmic (an introduction)

Blog world! Hello! How are you? I hope... you are well? Sorry, I'm not so good at this. I've never been the best at blogging, or keeping a diary/journal. However, as a person who considers himself a writer, I think there is value to these endeavors. You can work out problems by writing through thought processes,… Continue reading Something personal, something cosmic (an introduction)