I am whole, I am whole, I am whole

Last Wednesday was my 26th birthday. Or, as I’ve been saying for the past few months, the Officially-Kicked-Off-My-Parents’-Health-Insurance-Day. This birthday feels a bit different. It’s a pretty big milestone in many ways. As I remove my family Aetna card from my wallet, I feel a tinge of fear. The final safety net, my final tie… Continue reading I am whole, I am whole, I am whole

How Does One “Church” While Estranged?

Hey, all! Long time no see. I wrote the post below for the gay Christian blog Between Communities. You can check out the original post here. Thanks for reading! I like doing things alone. When I have a whole day free, with no obligations planned with any friends, family, or coworkers, I feel giddy. “Maybe… Continue reading How Does One “Church” While Estranged?