A Coming Out Story

Happy National Coming Out Day y'all! So, coming out is a long and lengthy process for a lot of LGBT individuals. It's not always like there's one, singular, grand moment where you magnificently walk outside your closet door and you officially declare, "I'm Out™." You have different social circles such as your friends, family, and… Continue reading A Coming Out Story

“Prioritize,” says the drag queen in the lesbian bar

New York, New York. I'm here bitches. It's been almost three weeks and I feel like I'm starting to get my shit together. Well, just starting—on the path towards gathering some semblance of a facade of a shit. Week One: moving in, IKEA trip (x2 because the first day they didn't have the mattress we… Continue reading “Prioritize,” says the drag queen in the lesbian bar

Transitions are weird (I suck at blogging)

Scene: Myself, standing on a precipice, looking off into the distance, waves crashing against the jagged rocks below, gusts of cold sea air blowing about my hair and clothes... On the horizon, a spec, I see it, just barely, it's... White, LED, a computer screen? Ah yes. It's a blog post, my blog post, from… Continue reading Transitions are weird (I suck at blogging)