I am whole, I am whole, I am whole

Last Wednesday was my 26th birthday. Or, as I’ve been saying for the past few months, the Officially-Kicked-Off-My-Parents’-Health-Insurance-Day. This birthday feels a bit different. It’s a pretty big milestone in many ways. As I remove my family Aetna card from my wallet, I feel a tinge of fear. The final safety net, my final tie… Continue reading I am whole, I am whole, I am whole

How Does One “Church” While Estranged?

Hey, all! Long time no see. I wrote the post below for the gay Christian blog Between Communities. You can check out the original post here. Thanks for reading! I like doing things alone. When I have a whole day free, with no obligations planned with any friends, family, or coworkers, I feel giddy. “Maybe… Continue reading How Does One “Church” While Estranged?

Dear Matt,

This past Wednesday, October 12th marked eighteen years since your (Matthew Shepard's) death. If you were alive today, you'd be 39 years old (nearly 40)—an eternity in "gay-years"! Just kidding, I don't really believe in that. But, maybe you would have, and hopefully you would have had someone, say a friend or a husband/boyfriend/partner, to… Continue reading Dear Matt,