jsmalley-headshotJoshua Smalley is a writer, editor, and playwright. He’s a staff writer for The Liberty Project, Popdust, and The Journiest, and has additional bylines on Insider, EDGE Media, Solar Power World, and Windpower Engineering & Development. Josh also serves as the artistic programs associate for Theatre Communications Group, where he administers regrant programs for theatre professionals. His radio play Breaking Bread was produced by Distilled Theatre Company in 2018, and he received his B.A. in English literature and theatre from Baldwin Wallace University.

Josh is an advocate for the power of storytelling. He believes stories allow human beings to unite in the truth of lived experience, transcending the superficial boundaries that we allow to divide us. Stories that particularly resonate with Josh are stories of the outsider, of overcoming prejudice, of spiritual journeys, and stories of compassion.

When he isn’t writing, Josh can be found drinking French press coffee, complaining about NYC public transit, or sitting in front of the TV playing Kingdom Hearts on his PS4.